Where''s My 9 Iron? - A guide to the best courses in MA
Unicorn Golf Course
9 Holes
Par 35
The famous parking lot of unicorn golf course.  Its hard to miss one of the best public courses in Boston.Unicorn Golf Course is a 9 hole course with some of the cheapest greens fees in Boston.  Where''s My 9 Iron? loves this course and is very impressed with its public nature.  This is one of those golf clubs that you love to play because greens fees are cheap, there are a ton of carts, and the fairways are wide open.  The course is very forgiving and allows you to make mistakes while still shooting a good score. 
The course is wide open, with minimal out of bounds markers.  It is easy to shoot a good score if you can play with all of your clubs.  The fairways are straight and you can see every green off of each tee.  The slope is moderate, with a small amount of bunkers and hazards. 
Choose your club, play 9 holes, and enjoy being out in the nice weather.
The course is in awesome condition.  The fairways are quick and the greens are soft.  It is easy to hit the ball far.  If you happen to be offline, like the golfers of Where''s My 9 Iron?, it is easy to make up strokes.  Nothing is out of play and you can hit greens from other fairways.  I personally love this course.  Also, there is a decent snack bar at the end to quench your thirst after a tough round.